Improving Your Air Quality With Innovative Solutions

Welcome to Indoor We aim to provide practical resources and helpful information to help you create a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Indoor air problems are among the top five air quality issues in the U.S., as identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Common indoor air pollutants include mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), combustion products, radon, pesticides, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria. These pollutants can cause adverse health effects, unpleasant odors, dampness, stale air, and stuffiness, making homes less comfortable. Fortunately, some practical strategies and the most up-to-date technologies can help control indoor air quality by targeting these indoor air and surface pollutants.

It's interesting to know that the time people spend indoors can vary based on lifestyle, occupation, climate, and preferences. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, research showed that people in developed nations usually spent around 90% of their time indoors, whether at home, work, school, or shopping.

By working together, we can effectively manage common pollutants and significantly improve the air quality in your home, school, or office. We hope that you find this site helpful and informative in bettering the health outcomes for you and the people around you. Let's act today and positively impact our health and well-being.

Indoor Air Pollution is a team of indoor air experts in the domestic U.S. to assist you in understanding and identifying the most suitable solution for enhancing the air quality in your indoor spaces wherever you live, work, and play. Contact us for more information.

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